Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

During a Live Class, can the instructor or other students see me?

No. Think of it as your own private lesson. Instructors can’t see you and you will ONLY be able to see the instructor.

I purchased an online class to stream live. Where do I watch the live class?

All live-stream classes are accessible on the class page. Here’s how to find your class once it has been purchased.

At the top of the website below Account, click on My Account. You will need to Log In to your account, then click Orders. You will see a list of your most recent orders. Click VIEW to see the class purchased. You will then see a link with your class name, date and time. Click that link and you will be brought to the class page. When the class begins, you can simply hit the PLAY button to begin the class.

The video is small on my screen. How can I make it larger?

Absolutely. Once you have accessed the Live Class page, click expand icon on the video player. The video will then fill your screen.

I can't get the live class to play.

Make sure you are logged in to the website. You should see the PLAY button on the class page. If you click the PLAY button and see an error, please try refreshing your browser. If it’s still not working, try to click refresh AGAIN but DON’T click PLAY. The video may load automatically and start on its own. Still not working? We’ll have to get some more info from you to troubleshoot. You can send us a chat message or email with the following information so we can assist you further:

1. What class are you trying to watch
2. What device (phone, tablet, desktop) are you using
3. What browser are you using
4. Do you have a strong wifi signal
5. What specific error message do you see?

What is my username and password?

Your username and password were created during your purchase. If you have forgotten what the password is you can reset it by clicking here.

I just want to take a class in person. Can I do that?

We are thrilled to re-open our doors to small classes. You can refer to our schedule and reserve your spot online. Note: classes are limited to only six people and fill up quickly.